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Dialogue Writing Workshops are aimed at aspiring and practising critics and present criticism as a spectrum. We look at reviews from mainstream media publications, theatre websites and blogs that follow a conventional format (roughly 300-500 words with star rating), alongside the array of creative approaches taken by bloggers, to demonstrate not only that criticism can take many forms but that each has its distinct qualities. We also discuss the sustainability of writing as a career, and new possibilities for working alongside the theatre industry, for instance as embedded critics.

As Dialogue, we’ve delivered workshops for aspiring/practising critics at Northern Stage, in association with LIFT and Ideastap, and to the Cuckoo Young Writers, among others. We’ve also acted as mentors to runners-up in the Ideastap Critic competition.

In addition, Jake and Maddy deliver writing workshops separately, with Rose Bruford College, Central School of Speech and Drama, Cambridge Junction and more, and in collaboration with theatre festivals including Jabberwocky Market, and with Fuel’s New Theatre in Your Neighbourhood programme. In 2013, Maddy ran the writing programme at the heart of the In Between Festival in Bristol.

If you would like to discuss writing workshops or mentoring, please contact us.

Our workshops for theatre industry professionals look at shifts in theatre media and how anyone from solo artists to companies to venues big and small can better approach critics and converse with potential audiences, particularly through social media. We are happy to discuss bespoke media, press and marketing consultancy: for more information please contact us via email.

We also deliver a workshop with the Independent Theatre Council entitled Get the Best From the Press: the next course takes place in London on June 15.

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